How do I open an account?
  • You can purchase a Subscription or redeem a gift card at www.thevoicelibrary.net; click Create New Account. You’ll be asked to create a unique, case sensitive username for your account, and create a password. Once you’ve created a new account, you will receive a confirming e-mail that will link back to www.thevoicelibrary.net.
  • When you open an account…
    • You receive a Username and Recorder Password.
    • You can add an unlimited number of Subscriptions.
    • Each Subscription has a unique Recorder ID, Recorder PIN, Listener ID, and Listener Password Notify your family and friends to log in or call with a Listener ID and Listener Password. You determine who receives these access codes.
    • Sample:
    • Username: My The Voice Library Account        
      Password: abcDEF12                
      Subscription #: 1111111111 Subscription #: 2222222222 Subscription #: 3333333333
      Subscription name: Family Subscription name: Friends Subscription name: Children
      Recorder ID: 1234567890 Recorder ID: 1122334455 Recorder ID: 111111111
        Recorder PIN: 4321   Recorder PIN: 1234   Recorder PIN: 2222
      Listener ID: 123456
      Listener ID: 789012
      Listener ID: 333333
        Password: 1234   Password: 5678   Password: 444
What equipment do I need?

Any Phone, Online Computer, Download our Free Mobile app ( search TheVoiceLibrary.net or TVL)

If you create your recordings with a computer, you will need an internet connection (minimum 56 Kbps dial-up) and a desktop microphone or headset microphone. Some computers have a built in microphone, but their sound quality may be poor. For information on equipment and how to make the best quality recordings, read our white paper at www.thevoicelibrary.net/equipment.htm

You can also call 1-888-9-HEAR-ME (1-888-943-2763) via cell phone, land line, VoIP, and Skype.

*** New Feature: Adding pictures to recording functions – are currently only available thru Mobile App. Plan to be available for full application on or about Spring 2017.

How do I create a complicated Recorder Password?

The more complicated your password, the more secure it will be. Your password should include a mix of capital letters (ABC), lower case letters (abc), numbers (123), and/or special characters (@?:).

  • Include a name, like: myname@email.net1
  • Include a lucky number, first street address, or anniversary date, like: Bob1220c@t$ (name, date, the word “cats” with special characters)
  • Use a special character instead of a regular letter, like: 1953nAn&bOb! (year, name, special character, name, special character)
What does “Remember me” mean?

On the log in screen, selecting “Remember me” will keep you logged in to your account until you click “log out”. If you close your browser window, when you return to the website you will be automatically logged in to your account.  

If you don’t click “Remember me” and leave your account open for several minutes without activity, you will automatically be logged out.

How do I start recording my voice?
  • You can record by phone, call 1-888-9-HEAR-ME (1-888-943-2763) and follow the phone prompts.
  • You can also record through an internet connection, using a computer microphone or the microphone embedded within your laptop or handheld device. Before you start recording, do a quick test to make sure everything is plugged in and switched on.
  • First, you’ll receive an e-mail and/or a letter with your Recorder and Listener access codes. Log in with your Recorder Username and Password. Select your Subscription number, then Record New. You’ll see a popup screen labeled Adobe Flash Player Settings.
  • Step 1: A popup window from Adobe Flash Player will ask if you will allow The Voice Library to access your camera and microphone. The Voice Library will only access your microphone, and only when you are actively recording.
    Click Allow (click Remember to skip this step on your next recording during this web session).

  • Step 2: Click on the tab with a microphone (). Select your microphone from the dropdown list.
    Test your microphone by speaking at a normal, conversational volume; you will notice that the level meter changes with your voice volume. Adjust the Record Volume slider so that the meter does not turn red when you are speaking.
    Click Close.
    If you do not see this popup, you will need to turn on or allow Java / Java Script to run on your system. Visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ for full download instructions.

  • Step 3: You will now see the Recording window. Click Record and begin speaking; the maximum recording time is 60 minutes. When you are finished, press Stop. You can also click Pause to temporarily pause recording.

  • Step 4: Click Record Title. Your Listeners who access your recordings by phone will hear this title in a menu, and use it to select this recording.

    If you hit Discard, you will delete this recording. Deleted recordings can not be recovered!

  • Step 5: Enter the title for your recording. Click Record as you repeat this title aloud. When you have finished, click Stop and then click Save. If you skip this step, your recording will not have a title. You will not have a second opportunity to create a title.

  • Step 6: If you are satisfied with your title recording, click Save Recording. If not, click Re-Record Title and complete Step 6 again.

    If you click Discard, you will delete both this title and this recording. Deleted recordings can not be recovered!

  • Step 7: The The Voice Library system will take a few moments to save your recording.

    As soon as your recording is saved, your Listeners can call or log in to listen.
How do I create better sounding recordings?

Read our white paper at www.thevoicelibrary.net/equipment.pdf for suggestions on how to create a quiet environment for creating your recordings.

Can I upload a recording to my account?

You can upload a voice recording that has been converted to MP3 (MPEG-3) format. Please see our Terms of Use at www.thevoicelibrary.net/terms.htm for restrictions regarding MP3 content and ownership.

What is the difference between a Recorder and a Listener?
  • A Recorder visits www.thevoicelibrary.net and logs on as a Recorder, or dials 1-888-9-HEAR-ME (1-888-943-2763).
  • A Recorder opens a The Voice Library account and enters a PIN number, and can:
    • Assign/change account name
    • Assign/change Subscription names
    • Add/delete recordings to all Subscriptions
    • Listen to recordings on all Subscriptions
    • Distribute Listener ID numbers and passwords (unique to each Subscription)
    • Add Subscriptions
    • Add/change contact information
    • Add/change billing information
    • Add/change Beneficiary
    • Add storage time to each Subscription
    • Add access time to each Subscription
    • Open an additional account
  • A Listener visits www.thevoicelibrary.net and logs on as a Listener, or dials 1-866-3-HEAR-ME (1-866-343-2763).
  • A Listener receives an ID number and password from a Recorder, and can:
    • Listen to recordings
    • Add access time to a Subscription
    • Open a new account
How long will my recordings be stored?

Subscriptions are based on a monthly and/ or 5 year increments from the date that your account is opened. When your expiration date draws near, you will be contacted to either extend or close your account. If you decide to close your account, your recordings will no longer be available through The Voice Library. They will be held in inactive status for up to 60 days, to which you can renew at any time. You also always own and control all IP, at TheVoiceLibrary to which you can download from our servers -at anytime during the subscription period.

How much time can I use for my recordings? How much time will my Listeners have to access my recordings?

Years 2016 – 2017 * Unlimited (* within reason as determined by TVL management.)
We recommend recording in 8-10 min blocks, historically this is the most listen to time frames.

How often can I use my account?

You can add or remove recordings as often as you want.

How do I send a gift card?

Through Manage Subscriptions > Send a Subscription; you can send one Subscription at a time. If you have an account, you can also send a Subscription by phone by calling 1-888-9-HEAR-ME (1-888-943-2763) and speaking with a customer service representative

How do I invite friends to listen to my recordings?

When you first purchase your own gift card, you will receive an email and/or letter with the Listener access codes to your Subscription. You can forward this information to your friends by email, or give them a call. They’ll use the same codes to listen to your recordings online and by phone.

You can also view or modify these access codes online; select the Subscription to view the Subscription information. However, if you edit your Listener password, you will need to notify your Listeners of the change.

What if I forget my Recorder Username, Password, PIN, or Listener access codes?

If you no longer have the confirmation email/letter for your account or Subscription…

  • Account management access codes: Recorder Username and Recorder Password; contact Customer Service.
  • Subscription management codes: Recorder ID is listed in Subscription Information. Recorder PIN; contact Customer Service.
  • Subscription Listener codes: Listener ID is listed in Subscription Information. Listener Password; click Notify and enter your email address.
How do I delete or close my account?

Contact us at support@thevoicelibrary.net or at 1-603-583-4880. Your recordings will no longer be available to your listeners after you close your account.

How can I get help or assistance?

If your questions are not answered in this document or within our User Manual, you can contact us at 603-583-4880 or support@thevoicelibrary.net

Or, call 1-888-9-HEAR-ME (1-888-943-2763) and log in. Select 7, Send A Gift Card; this option will connect you to an operator who can answer your questions regarding The Voice Library.